Emre Mor stamp on 3-0 Karagümrük Kayserispor match

Sports News / 18 March 2022

In the 30th week of Spor Toto Super League, VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük hosted Yukatel Kayserispor in its field. Fatih Karagümrük won the match played at Atatürk Olympic Stadium 3-0.

Emre Mor, who scored Fatih Karagümrük's goals, left his mark on the match by making a Hat-Trick. Yukatel Kayserispor's longing to win in the league went to 4 games.

With this win, Fatih Karagümrük increased his score to 43, while Kayserispor's score remained at 38.

Fatih Karagümrük, who started the match well, took the lead with Emre Mor in the 10th minute. Evaluating Lucas Biglia's pass, Emre Mor sent the ball into the net and put his team forward. Emre Mor, who appeared on the stage once again in the 36th minute, scored the second goal of both himself and his team.

In the second half of the match, in the 75th minute, Fatih Karagümrük increased the difference to 3 with Emre Mor. Emre Mor, who sent the ball into the net with Abdoulaye Toure's pass, increased the difference to three by making a Hat-Trick.

Emre Mor stamp on 3-0 Karagümrük Kayserispor match